The Monday procession marks the dazzling finale of our festival, with a day packed full of colourful characters, great music, and good old festival spirit. Watch the procession, led by none other than Jack himself, as it winds its way through the streets of the Old Town. Spot the Morris Dancers from across the country, jive to the infectious rhythms of local drumming groups, and marvel at the giants and dazzling attendants of Jack in the Green. Join us on the West Hill for a showcase of dancing and music, culminating in the symbolic slaying of Jack as we release the spirit of summer for another year. 


9:30-10:45 Church Service

St Clement's Church


Rough Timings for the procession and West Hill events


11:00am The Gathering, Rock-a-Nore Road, Hastings

All the procession characters gather outside the Fisherman's museum eagerly awaiting the Jack.


11:30am Jack is Released

Jack bursts onto the streets with the Bogies and has his first dance with Mad Jacks Women. The procession then forms behind him and makes its way along Rock-a-Nore Road and up All Saints Street.


12:15pm The High Street

The procession pauses in the High Street for refreshments and dancing. The Jack goes back through the procession to meet his followers before the procession reforms and continues up to the West Hill at around 12.00pm


1:15pm The procession arrives and festivities begin

The dancers, drummers and musicians take it in turns to perform on the stage. There will also be a craft fayre, food stalls and refreshments tent with real ale from the FILO brewery.


4:30pm Slaying of the Jack

After the dancing, the Bogies parade the Jack down to the main stage where he is symbolically slain and the Spirit of Summer is released for another year.



The focus of our festival. Jack is splendid in a giant cloak of leaves and flower crown, leading his merry followers through the town.

Bogies &

Black Sal

Jack’s protectors, the Bogies keep Jack safe while wreaking havoc around town. Black Sal is resplendent with her garland of flowers.



Including hosts Mad Jack’s Morris and Hannah’s Cat, and visiting sides. You won’t miss their flying hankies and jingling bells.

The Sweeps & May Queen

Traditional Mayday figures dating to the 18th Century, our sweeps are the genuine article and escort the newly crowned May Queen.

Lovely Ladies & Gay Bogies

Sporting some of the most colourful and fantastical outfits, these vibrant characters bring elegance to the procession. A real crowd pleaser. 


You won’t miss these huge figures as they rise above the rooftops. Key figures in European  folk culture, they represent historical and mythical figures. 


Local groups Section 5 and Sambalanco, along with visiting percussionists, supply infectious and exciting rhythms all along the procession.


The procession winds its way up Croft Road and Collier Road to spill onto the West Hill, and be greeted by enthusiastic festival goers. The lovely Rachel Roberts will announce each party as they pass the Main stage, Jack looks on.

Through the afternoon, you'll have a chance to see Morris dancers, drummers, musicians, and international folk groups perform on the stage, against the beautiful backdrop of Hastings Old Town and the sparkling sea. The festival area is rich with other entertainments, and festival-goers can take their pick of the craft fair, food stalls, liquid refreshment tent, and kid's entertainment area. This is also a perfect opportunity to pick up this year's Jack in the Green merchanidse, including T-shirts, badges, and more... Just look out for the green JITG marquee. 

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The success of Jack in the Green lies in the conduct and safety of all of the wonderful people who come and support the festival. The organisers thank you for observing the following safety messages:

  • During the procession, the streets and pavements can become very crowded, especially on the High street where the procession pauses. Please take care and be considerate to those around you, particularly young children, and heed any instructions from stewards and marshals.

  • There will be road closures around the Old Town on Monday. Please check these in advance and plan your visit to take account of the restricted access.

  • The steps up to the West Hill will be closed on Monday. Please follow the procession up Croft Road or use Castle Hill Road to access the West Hill.

  • Please keeps all concrete paths on the West hill clear, as our performers need plenty of space to pass, and heed any instructions from the marshals in high vis jackets. 

  • Please note that no barbeques or personal tents/marquees are allowed on the West Hill

  • The West hill is open to the elements, and the weather in May is unpredictable, so be prepared for all, and changing, conditions. 

  • Please keep dogs on leads.

  • St John Ambulance and the Police will have a presence on the hill, so please report any incidents to the appropriate services.

  • Please drink responsibly